A Healing Miracle?

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You are Your Own Liberator
-Joel S. Goldsmith,
The Foundation of Mysticism

A Healing Miracle?

"Would you consider doing a hospital visit before you make the drive back north," Rob asked.
"Who is it that I would be visiting," I asked.
"Jeremy is in the hospital. He needs someone to help him begin to practice walking and getting away from the bed. He is a big man, but you and Johnny can do this. I will call Johnny to have him join you."
"What is Jeremy's last name?"
"Knight," was Rob's response.
It was a two hour drive out of the city of Los Angeles that I had ahead of me. I had just spent a weekend with family and friends and now this. Though a little tired and a lot on my mind, I did call my daughter and tell her that I would be staying another night. Then I headed west to Brotman Hospital for this visit which had some things in store for me.
I had no idea what this was about, but I admired this gentleman who was such a wonderful bass voice. It was a pleasure to hear him speak simple words, let alone hear him sing. Jeremy Knight was in the church choir and usually stood at the top of the choir loft commanding a bit of space.
My black Jaguar sedan was so visible, but I just ignored the people who peered at me as I sat in the car preparing my mind for this visit to see Jeremy.
"Nice car," said one young man who commented as I left the vehicle.
I just smiled and continued my path into the hospital. The hospital smell of cleanliness touched my senses. I then decided to turn around and exit the hospital. Since it was unclear how long I would be there, it would be helpful if I had something to eat before going to his room.
Hospital visits were part of my ministry and something I was usually happy to do. I felt something stirring within me, but it was not fully in my senses at that time. A bite to eat would give me more time to bring my mind to the task at hand, but this had to be quick. I wanted to assure that I was timely.
Sitting in a small café for a few minutes, my mind began to focus on my desire to be of assistance.
"In what room will I find Jeremy Knight?"
The person at the help desk took a moment to look at me and then told me his hospital room number and how to get there.
Upon entering the room, it appeared that there was more help than needed. No familiar faces were around his bed, but the four ladies seemed to be vying for his attention.
Jeremy was writing on a pad to communicate with the ladies. It appeared that he was unable to speak.
I was a little disappointed. That incredible voice Jeremy had. I would not be able to hear it today, I thought.
Pulling up a chair, I just awaited my turn to speak with him. He did notice me and smiled as I patiently awaited my turn with him.
Noticing my facial expression, one of the ladies pulled me aside to let me know what was occurring.
"It appears that you do not know what happened to Jeremy. Let me fill you in," the person said.
Pulling me aside in the large room I was told that Jeremy had eaten something that he was allergic to. Whatever it was had caused his throat to swell and luckily this had happened while he was working. Jeremy was an employee of the hospital. There were tubes in his neck as a hole had been surgically created in his neck to get oxygen to him. An emergency surgery had been performed and this reportedly saved his life.
Such a powerful voice was no longer there as Jeremy just wrote his thoughts on a pad and did seem a little frustrated that he had to write instead of talk.
It may seem trivial, but I decided that I wanted to see the Boston versus Miami playoff game that was already on the television set that was on the upper corner in the hospital room. It was a large room and I made myself comfortable watching the game.
After about half an hour, everyone had left the room and I was alone with Jeremy.
"Just watch the game and enjoy yourself," Jeremy wrote to me on the pad. "I want you to be comfortable and I will watch the game as well."
At halftime of the game, I pulled my chair closer to the bed and watched as one of the nurses entered the room.
"You seem not to be in any pain," the nurse said.
Jeremy seemed to be conserving his energy. He just smiled and nodded to her as she left the room.
"It really is good to have you here, Jeremy said to me in a very low whisper. Thank you for coming. I feel honored that you would come here to see me.
I had forgotten that another man was to come to help him walk. It was just Jeremy and I in the room.
We enjoyed the game and were happy with the outcome. Miami had won the game.
"It has been a little while since I have seen you. Church is no longer such a big part of my life, but I am so pleased that they have put out the word that I enjoy the company," Jeremy said in another whisper.
I really had not noticed that his voice was gaining strength. Yet, I did remember the firm commitment that was now a part of the past for Jeremy. He was no longer as active in the church and I was not aware of this due to my move away from Los Angeles.
"You provide me with a reminder of a part of my life that I must return to. Agape is a wonderful church community," Jeremy then remarked.
His voice continued to get stronger. He was no longer using the pad, but this still was not the voice I was accustomed to.
"We were both trained in an amazing organization. You remind me of some commitments that I had made to that organization and I plan to return to the church after I heal," Jeremy said.
"You will heal quickly and I hope that you do return to the church. You have such an amazing voice and your presence is a wonderful one," I remarked.
"I am actually regaining my voice now. This is wonderful. I feel great. Hopefully they will let me leave this hospital soon. I now feel no need to remain in this bed. It has been some time since I last walked and I will need practice at that. Again, I really appreciate your being here," Jeremy said now in a stronger voice.
We talked for another hour and his voice continued to strengthen. It appeared that he had regained full strength of his voice by the time I left the hospital. It was my pleasure to be there and I did not know that I had witnessed a miracle that evening.
I then returned to my daughter's house. Waking early the next morning at about 5am, I started my drive out of Los Angeles. It had been a most pleasant weekend.
About eight months later, I was visiting Los Angeles again. While attending church, I came across Jeremy on the grounds.
"Good to see you here. I have rejoined the choir and am aware that you no longer live here in Los Angeles. Thank you once again for visiting me in the hospital, said Jeremy.
Apparently he had experienced a full recovery. What an incredible voice!
The End

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