Basic Penis Exercises for Beginners Who Want a Bigger Penis ASAP

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By Johnson Li

When you wake up in the morning, your routine probably consists of a shower, am I right? Well, there is another extra step that you should add to your morning routine from now on: basic penis exercises that will give you a bigger penis ASAP.

Doesn't that sound great to you? If you are a man, then why wouldn't you want to get a longer, wider and stronger penis erection just by doing some basic penis exercises in the shower? The best part is that you won't have to take any harmful pills or use ineffective tools to get the job done. Believe it or not, this actually works. The secret is simply to make sure that you only focus on using natural penis enlargement methods to do so.

In a nutshell, natural penis enlargement methods are those methods that involve doing unique penile exercises with nothing but your hands to improve your penis's aspects in a natural, consistent and permanent manner. How great does that sound?

Here is an easy beginner's routine for basic penis exercises that you can start using every time you're in the shower from now on. They only take five minutes in total to do, by the way!

1. Warm up your penis.

This is very easy to do. Just make sure you take a nice hot shower and let the water reach your manhood for around 2 minutes. As easy and as quick as this might sound, though, it would be vital not to skip this warmup before pulling through with natural penis enhancement - remember that.

A lot of men out there seem to think that warmups aren't necessary for gentle and easy enlargement processes. However, warmups are actually very effective in this department. In fact, without them, you might end up experiencing side effects.

2. Start with lengthening exercises.

To start with basic penis exercises for lengthening, just make an OK sign with the fingers on our right hand and place the sign under the head of the penis. Then, gently pull on your manhood for 2 seconds without moving your hands and let go. Do the same thing with your other hand and keep repeating this with each hand until you have completed 20 repetitions.

3. Continue with thickening exercises.

The most basic penis exercises for thickening out there are called jelqing routines. To do these exercises, use the same OK sign from the prior step, but instead of placing your fingers around the head of the penis, place them around the base of the penis.

From there, gently yet firmly move your fingers toward the tip of the penis and let go right before you touch the head. Do this with the other hand and keep repeating this with each hand rhythmically until you have completed 20 repetitions.

4. Contract your PC muscles.

In a nutshell, PC muscles refer to the small muscles that are located between your testicles and your anus. To figure out which muscles these are, just move your penis without your hands. The muscles that make this movement happen are the PC muscles.

All that you have to do is contract these muscles in a pulsating manner for 20 seconds and then rest for the next 20 seconds and do the whole thing again until you finish 3 sets.

By following the basic penis exercises mentioned above, you should be able to gain one inch in length within four months along with a significant thickness increase. Just keep in mind that you should encourage growth while doing these exercises instead of forcing it. It would also be vital to be consistent when it comes to this without overdoing it in any way.

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