Shopping Tips: What to Look for When Shopping for Tops

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When you are shopping for tops it is important to keep in mind the style of tops and how that style will look on you. 

Will it make you look larger, slimmer, pale or vibrant? Like other clothes tops have the ability to hide your flaws and bring out your assets. Knowing your body type well and how to dress it is the key. A versatile wardrobe has more tops than bottoms. A different top can change the look of an outfit instantly. It can change an outfit from daytime to nighttime and from blah to wow!

* Sweaters are not all equal. Large bulky sweaters, pullover, button down and the cardigan will make you look larger and are worn for a more casual (not workplace casual), relaxed look. Turtleneck and mock turtleneck lightweight sweaters work well under many jacket styles.

* Print tops will add pizzazz to your outfit. Make sure the colors in the top matches the bottom color.

* Blouses without pockets work better with jackets than blouses with pockets.

* Pockets can also be a problem when they are too low. Low pockets can make your bust look low or droopy.

* Tops or shells with glitter paired with a matching skirt can add dazzle to an outfit.

* Sleeves; short, long or sleeveless. If you do not want to show your arms wear long or ¾ sleeves, or for a dressier look sheer sleeves.

* Wearing sleeves, like pockets, that end just below the bust will make your bust appear droopy.

* Cotton, silk and rayon are light and are great fabrics for tops.

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